Activities including Pony Therapy and Easter Bonnet parade 11th – 17th April 22

This week we celebrated one of our lovely gentleman’s 90th birthday with gifts, cards and lots of chocolate. He had fun playing some party games such as pin the candle on the cake and balloon bash.
Residents played dominoes, snakes and ladders, with empathy dolls, interactive pets, did jigsaws and loved throwing and bashing a large beach ball around the room to each other throughout the week.
We finished decorating our Easter Bonnets at the beginning of the week and had an Easter Bonnet parade whilst singer Denise Johnston was here and she kindly judged 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize but it was difficult for her to choose.
The biggest hit was Smile Pony Therapy who brought two Shetland Ponies to see us called Harry and Leo. They were so friendly and well behaved and everyone loved stroking them, it was the best Therapy we didn’t want them to leave.