Activities including Pampering, Games and held a Residents Meeting 24th – 30th Jan 22

This week residents enjoyed some pampering by Jane. We were still unable to have a hairdresser visit so Jane worked her magic on a few of our ladies shampooing and curling their hair. They also enjoyed some one-to-one time having their hands and arms massaged and nails filed and painted.
Target games was on the board this week and everyone who joined in played brilliantly. They also got some exercise playing with a large beach ball and had fun throwing it to each other around the room. Dominoes went down a treat as always and residents enjoyed chatting whilst playing and drinking lots of tea.
We played Animal Bingo, games on the interactive table, loved animal therapy stroking and brushing our interactive pets and held a Residents Meeting where residents asked for new foods on the menu and would like some tribute acts such as Elvis and Cliff Richard.
We also came out of lockdown and welcomed relatives back into the home and Paul Barrie came to sing and had lots of residents singing and dancing along having a fabulous time.