Activities including Jubilee Celebrations and a visit from Zoolab 30th May – 5th June 22

This week residents have had a lovely time celebrating the Queens Jubilee. We decorated the home and outside with bunting, flags and homemade items.
Residents had a little tea party and had fun playing with balloons, singing to nostalgic music, doing a Jubilee quiz and playing pin the diamond on the crown.
Paul Barrie came to sing and entertain us this week and we enjoyed a visit from Zoolab who brought some insects, a frog, furry spider and lizard. Residents were really brave and held some of them.
One of our residents welcomed their new great grandchild who came to visit her for a cuddle at just a few days old. Another met his wife’s new puppy and we couldn’t get enough of little fluff ball Bo.
This week residents also enjoyed a trip to the local church for bowling club, playing games, doing art and crafts, reading, reminiscing and playing with sensory items.