Activities including Jigsaw and Target Games 20th – 26th September 21

This week’s activities included board games, darts, golf, card bingo and art and crafts. Residents enjoyed doing a big jigsaw of the Royal Family throughout the week and they were all concentrating really hard trying to find the right pieces.
Knitting was on the agenda Tuesday but unfortunately, we didn’t have any takers so a few residents enjoyed finishing off the dreamcatchers. It was very fiddly but therapeutic and excellent for hand eye co-ordination and dexterity.
As always target games, golf, darts and card bingo were a hit and residents loved playing with a large beach ball and various sensory items.

One of our regular visitors Anthea had a birthday this week so we all helped Barry to celebrate with his wife and enjoyed singing Happy Birthday with a lovely cake.

Alan Turner started the weekend off singing for us on Friday afternoon. Lots of our residents were joining in, some up dancing and others singing and dancing in their chairs having a great time. A couple of residents couldn’t take their eyes off him and Alan looked fantastic after a 3 stone weight loss.