Activities including Holy Communion and a belated Christmas Lunch 30th Jan – 5th Feb 23

This week was kicked off with a belated Christmas Meal at our local bowling club. A couple of residents enjoyed a beautiful 3 course meal and playing games followed by a lovely service by Rev Jill.

Entertainers who came to sing this week were Paul Barrie and Gary Grace. Unfortunately we didn’t catch many photos due to Jane being off ill but residents enjoyed singing and dancing along for the afternoon.
Reverend Sam came to do Holy Communion and there were plenty of residents joining in singing hymns and saying prayer.

Activities this week included Play Yours Cards Right, What’s in the box, Dominoes, Jigsaws and Art and Crafts.
Individuals also enjoyed having empathy dolls, interactive pets’ magazines, books newspapers, doing crosswords, having hair and nails done and namaste care.