Activities including Cycling, Church visit and Animals 22nd August – 4th September 22

What a fabulous two weeks our residents have had. Lovely weather and finally a bit cooler so they could enjoy some trips out without melting! They enjoyed trips out to the Chapeltown Church for bowling, walks to the local park to watch crown green bowling and another trip to Hillsborough Park to do some cycling followed by lunch at Morrisons café.

Activities have included Land A Letter, Dominoes, Art & Crafts, Target Games, Quizzes, Snakes and Ladders and Bingo.

We welcomed a new singer Alexander who was really nervous but the residents absolutely loved her. Paul Barrie and Gary Grace joined us to sing and Leanimals came with a rabbit, snake and a skunk. Our local reverend Sam also came to do Holy Communion which was well received by most of our residents.