Activities including a visit from the Church Group and a 90th Birthday 7th to 13th Feb 22

This week started off with lots of fun and games. We had a visit from the local Church Group who came to play boccia and target games with our residents. Everyone was in a large circle cheering each other on and they enjoyed a prayer and little presentation for the winners.
Residents have enjoyed playing dominoes, bowling, card bingo, doing jigsaws and a quiz. We reminisced, looked through magazines, newspapers and old photograph books.
The hairdressers and nail technician visited this week and residents also enjoyed some doll therapy and playing with the interactive cats and rabbit.
Doreen celebrated her 90th Birthday this week and had fun playing pass the parcel and pin the candle on the cake and having a sing along with everyone.
We also had two singers come to entertain this week and residents were singing and dancing having a great time with the help of some crisps, popcorn and sweets from our shop and alcohol from the bar.