Activities 9th – 14th May 23

9th May – Today Hairdressers Lynn came to pamper our residents after the Bank Holiday and my was everyone ready for it! Residents had a nice morning reading and reminiscing and a few joined in to play Dominoes.
Sylvia enjoyed a trip out to the local shops in the afternoon for ingredients for tomorrows baking. Who knew it was so hard to find Arrowroot biscuits! Luckily, we can substitute with good old Rich Tea.

10th May – This morning a few residents enjoyed baking. They were making chocolate slice and enjoyed mashing and mixing the ingredients but especially eating them during and licking the chocolate out of the bowl.
In the afternoon lots of residents had fun playing target game and they were really good with their aiming today.

11th May – We had a fun morning shaking our Pom Poms along to some music and had a good sing along whilst exercises those arms.
This afternoon was a wash out so our outing to Hillsborough Park cycling for all didn’t go to plan. That didn’t stop our residents having fun and instead had a brilliant time playing with our new Wubble Ball. It’s like a huge bounce, flexible bubble of fresh air and everyone was bashing it around the room having a great time.

12th May – This morning residents enjoyed playing Card Bingo and it was lovely for relatives to join in and help (spot the cheaters lol). Our empathy dolls have had a bath and some residents were redressing them and found their rude bits very amusing.
Leanimals visited us again with a few of her animals. Residents loved stroking them all including a skunk, lizard and ferret. The animals were very well behaved, we could do with Leanne training our staff!