Activities 7th – 13th August 23

Monday 7th August 23

Today residents enjoyed being pampered at the hairdressers by Lynn, playing Noughts and Crosses and Bowling.

Tuesday 8th August 23

What a fantastic day for Nightingales. We went to the Motion Community Games at the English Institute of Sport and had a great time playing games such as golf and egg and spoon. Our residents were amazing and came 1st place. To top the day off we had our 5 minutes of fame on Look North. Up the Ninjas!!

Wednesday 9th August 23

Residents enjoyed having their nails manicured by Julie this morning and playing Pop up Pirate. This afternoon they enjoyed playing Dominoes and doing jigsaws in a small group.

Thursday 10th August 23

It was a beautiful day today so we took advantage and enjoyed sitting in the garden. Reverand Sam came to give Holy Communion and it was a lovely change to sit in the sun. Residents also had fun playing with a beach ball and sensory items.

Friday 11th August 23

Alan Turner came to entertain us all this morning and residents were singing and dancing along. This afternoon Animal Bingo was on the agenda but residents didn’t feel like playing so did a general knowledge quiz instead.