Activities 6th -12th November 23

6th November 23

Residents had a nice morning playing Play Your Cards Right and a couple enjoyed an afternoon at the local church playing bowling and games with people from the community.

7th November 23

Zeezy from Motion Games came to show us their new app with activities that they can offer and residents had fun doing some chair exercises using pom poms and having a sing along to some Elvis songs. Kevin Kitchen came to entertain this afternoon and residents were singing and dancing along having a great time.

8th November 23

A few residents had a nice relaxing morning in the sensory pod playing with the lights and fiber optics whilst relaxing to the sound of birds.  Children came from the local nursery this afternoon and had fun joining in with residents on the Karaoke followed by popping bubbles and finished off with juice and biscuits.

9th November 23

This morning residents enjoyed doing some art and crafts, colouring remembrance pictures in and reminiscing.  This afternoon a couple of residents had a trip to the Devonshire Arms for Friendship Lunch and enjoyed a meal, singer and raffle which Ena was happy when she won a box of biscuits.

10th November 23

Alan Turner came to sing for us all this morning which helped wake everyone up and get their limbs moving. This afternoon a few residents enjoyed playing Card Bingo.