Activities 31st July – 6th August 23

Monday 31st July 23
We kicked the week off with a Residents Meeting, any excuse for a gossip over a nice cuppa tea. Followed by some games of What’s in The Box. A couple of residents went to the local bowling club in the afternoon and we won a trophy for chair leg. (Hit chair leg most times whilst bowling lol).

Tuesday 1st August 23
Residents had a lovely morning playing with dough modelling into whatever shapes they wanted. They enjoyed looking through magazines and newspapers through out the day and in the afternoon had a brilliant time singing and dancing with Kevin Kitchen.

Wednesday 2nd August 23
Today residents played card games and enjoyed doing jigsaws. Unfortunately, the nursery children couldn’t come again this week due to illness so we enjoyed a sing along and bashing a beach ball to each other around the room.

Thursday 3rd August 23
Residents enjoyed playing Snakes and Ladders this morning. We celebrated Susan’s birthday and this afternoon had lots of fun doing some chair exercises whilst shaking some pom poms.

Friday 4th August 23
We played some games of Dice Bingo this morning although some residents found it a bit too difficult so we gave up and enjoyed doing some reminiscing instead. Zoolab came in the afternoon and brought some unusual creatures. The faces being pulled where hilarious and we managed to catch a few on camera.