Activities 2nd – 5th April 24

Tuesday 2nd April 24

Today residents enjoyed a visit to our arcade and had fun playing on some penny machines. Denise Johnson came to entertain us and residents were singing and dancing along and we all celebrated Eileens 80th Birthday together.

Wednesday 3rd April 24

This morning we got the big parachute out and residents loved waving it up and down making a breeze. This afternoon a couple of residents visited our sensory pod and had a lovely relaxing time listening to the birds and feeling at the sensory items.

Thursday 4th April 24

Jane decided to give her own Holy Communion this morning and residents enjoyed some wine whilst singing hymns and reading pieces from the bible.  This afternoon was art and crafts and residents sat neatly colouring and writing.

Friday 5th April 24

Today Leo and Harry came from Smile Pony Therapy. Its been a while since they last visited but they were so well behaved and friendly we just love it when they come for a fuss.