Activities 27th November – 3rd December 23

Monday 27th November 23

Residents had a nice day playing noughts and crosses and bowling. Hairdresser Lynn also came to pamper everyone today.

Tuesday 28th November 23

We had lots of fun playing with a remote controlled car although residents found out its not as easy as you’d think. Gary Grace came to entertain us with his beautiful voice and had everyone singing and dancing along.

Wednesday 29th November 23

This morning residents enjoyed being pampered by Beautician Julie having their nails manicured and also enjoyed playing Pop Up Pirate game. This afternoon we decorated the home for Christmas with some help from residents and the trees look amazing.

Friday 1st December 23

Residents had a quiet morning playing musical bingo before the little tornados came this afternoon. We had children from Woolley Wood School come to play and joined us to watch the Pantomime Alice In Wonderland which was so good and we cant wait for next year’s Panto! Oh no we can’t!!