Activities 26th – 28th March 24

Tuesday 26th March 24

Today residents enjoyed decorating Easter Bonnets ready for our competition at the end of the week.  We had a special visit from the Easter Bunny who brought everyone some chocolate and we had a singer come to entertain us which went down a treat.

Wednesday 27th March 24

We had a lovely morning doing word searches and reading magazines. Elmore Nursery came to visit in the afternoon and had fun doing an egg and spoon race and we all cheered them on although there was a bit of cheating going on!

Thursday 28th March 24

Today we had a very busy day with children from Woolley Wood School. They came to do an Easter Egg Hunt and played games such as ring toss and pin the tail on the bunny with residents. They enjoyed playing in the garden and had lunch with us. Before they left a few of the staff and children drew the raffle and picked the winning 4 Easter Bonnets.