Activities 24th – 28th June 24

Monday 24th June 24

Residents had a lovely day relaxing in the garden enjoying the glorious weather. They enjoyed playing What’s in the Box guessing game and joining in with a group quiz.

Tuesday 25th June 24

Today residents enjoyed doing a wordsearch England Football Themed and played games in the Penny Arcade. Russ Elliot also came to entertain us this afternoon with his fantastic voice.

Wednesday 26th June 24

Julie came to pamper everyone and the ladies loved having red and white England themed nails. We had an unexpected visit from Elmore Nursery this afternoon who joined in to play with the parachute and were very pleasant with all our residents. The heat got a bit much so we sat in the garden to have ice lollies which cooled us down a treat.

Thursday 27th June 24

We took a couple of residents Ice Skating to Ice Sheffield today. Eileen was loving being pushed around the ice and watching the public skate. Barbara wasn’t too keen which was good for Jane’s knees as they enjoyed watching from the side lines. Afterwards they had lunch and enjoyed watching some amazingly talented figure skaters.

Friday 28th June 24

Residents had a nice morning doing jigsaws and playing musical bingo. Paul Barrie came this afternoon and had staff and residents singing over the microphone and dancing along having a great time.