Activities 20th – 26th November 23

Tuesday 21st November 23

Residents had a nice morning playing Quoits which is great for hand eye coordination. This afternoon Russ Elliot came to sing and had everyone singing and dancing along having a wonderful time.

Wednesday 22nd November 23

This morning residents finished off making their Christmas Cards for relatives and did some Christmas pictures for our display.  Elmore Nursery children came to visit this afternoon and we had lots of fun singing, popping bubbles and playing with balloons.

Thursday 23rd November 23

Denise Johnson came to sing today and what a fantastic atmosphere it was. She had everyone involved and sang some upbeat songs that we’d not heard for a while. At one point a large circle of staff and residents were holding hands dancing together and doing the conga but typically the battery ran out on our camera before we could catch it.