Activities 15th – 21st May 23

16th May 23
Today Keeley May came to entertain us with her lovely voice and residents were singing and dancing along in their chairs having a great time.

17th May 23
Our beautician Julie came to pamper our residents this morning. They love having their nails manicured regularly whilst having a gossip.

18th May 23
Reverend Sam joined us this morning to give Holy Communion which is always well received. Even those who are not religious still enjoy singing hymns and joining in with the service.
This afternoon a few residents took advantage of the dry weather and enjoyed a walk to the local park watching people walking their dogs and children playing on the park. After they went to the local café at Morrisons and enjoyed having their tea.
A couple of residents were the first to visit our Sensory Pod this afternoon. They thought it was amazing with all the lights and interactive sensory items and could’ve relaxed in their all day.

19th May 23
A few residents had a nice quiet morning playing Animal Bingo trying to guess the animal noises and found it funny trying to copy them. Paul Barrie came to sing for us this afternoon and as always torment the staff!

20th and 21st May 23
Well finally Mr Sunshine came out to play and we thought we’d take full advantage. Residents enjoyed relaxing in the garden listening to music and chatting amongst each other. Obviously, the wine and lager came out (always 5 o’clock somewhere). Residents also had fun trying to make daisy chains although it was a bit fiddly.