Activities 10th – 14th June 24

Tuesday 11th June 24

Residents had a lovely morning playing game son the interactive table. Annie came to sing this afternoon and residents were singing and dancing along having a great time. A few residents also had fun playing in our Penny Arcade.

Wednesday 12th June 24

Today residents had a nice day playing quoits, reading magazines & newspapers and a couple of residents enjoyed a visit to the Sensory Pod and had a lovely relaxing time looking at the bubble lamp, pulse tube, fibre optics and fiddling with the sensory items whilst enjoying the noises of birds tweeting.

Thursday 13th June 24

Today we had a trip out to Hillsborough Park for Cycling and the weather showed up for us. The cycling was fun and residents enjoyed having lunch whilst watching men bowling and Katrina loved being dive bombed at by ducks. 😊

Friday 14th June 24

Residents had a lovely day playing card bingo and we had a visit from Smile Pony Therapy. We always enjoy our visit from Harry and Leo who are the most well behaved Ponies.